5 Ways to Engage Your Employees During Open Enrollment

Open Enrollment continues to be an afterthought at some companies, but when you think about your goals to attract and retain employees, this is a campaign that affects every team member. Giving your organization easy-to-understand information, a fun and engaging theme, and even a contest to sweeten the deal can be an example of a winning culture.

Embracing The Term “Jack of All Trades”

People can get so tired of this term. Hearing this from employers can sometimes indicate, “We want you to do it all but within our limited budget.” However, there’s a different point of view on what this means to me and why it’s a good thing.

Can You Put 20 Years’ Experience in a One-Sheeter?

It’s time to pay respect to the process and understand that communications is more than just putting words together for an email, article, blog, website copy, social media post, etc. There is strategy behind what is said, how often, and the way in which it’s presented. Every touchpoint, campaign, or site has its own purpose. Real and sustainable impact takes continued investment – not a one-sheeter.

The Nitty Gritty Interview Details

We’ve all heard “the new normal” more times than we can count. When it comes to the workplace, so much has evolved since the start of the pandemic. Organizations are changing the way they work, and candidates are in the driver’s seat. However, the interview process and the questions asked have remained the same.

Reimaging a World Without RFPs

Imagine this – you are interested in building a home. Contractors are plenty and you want to hire the right one to support your vision. Before you see any of their work, you ask them to fill out a fifty-page document so they can describe who they are. A couple weeks and one novel per contractor later, you set a meeting and ask them to tell you what they can do rather than asking them to customize your dream home.

The Single Biggest Problem in Communication

If ol’ Bernard Shaw could see us now. In early 20th century, he made this statement at a time of mailed letters, face-to-face discussions, and the introduction of the telephone. Can you imagine his astonishment in today’s world with countless ways to reach an audience? And yet, is anyone really listening?

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