In some ways, THIS is the foundation of the company. After working and partnering with so many over the years, these values represent what we expect from clients and partners and what clients can expect from us. 


Do what’s right in practice and process.


Make the effort to be better than before.


Be confident enough to know you’ll always learn and adapt.


Appreciate everyone’s expertise at the table.


Reach outside of standards to deliver something special.


Take ownership when things don’t go as planned.


Lead with honest feedback and perspectives.


Keep in mind that everyone is always facing an unknown battle.

OUR approach


Our approach is rooted in these three areas – strategy, content, and design. Without one, the other two would simply fail. 


Strategy is the foundation of everything you portray to your target audience. Whether you’re looking at your business as a whole, an individual campaign, or one channel, a strategic plan can set you apart from the competition. It’s essential to go through a discovery process to inventory your current state and define where you want to be in the future. As we work with you to determine the outcome, we build a path that leads to success.



Words matter. It’s important to be thoughtful of your audience. The goal of every single touchpoint is to use the right words, in the right way, with the right tone – and leave them wanting more. This applies to any type of audience – employees, prospects, clients, customers. Is your message truly resonating? 



How you represent your brand visually is crucial to the engagement you’re seeking. If you’re not respectful of the design process, you’ll easily lose out on brand awareness and loyalty – directly impacting revenue and retention. Too often, clients want to copy what others are doing. Don’t try to keep up with the competition – set yourself apart and win over your audience with a unique approach!

OUR founder


My passion for writing began at an early age, yet it wasn’t realized until it became the focus of my career. Journals and diaries were a dime a dozen during my childhood, and I felt true joy writing down events and thoughts from the day. My mother was an English teacher, and she made sure to speak up when bad grammar was used. To this day, I still cringe when I hear myself end a sentence in a preposition.

After experiencing an unbelievable journey to Atlanta and a starter job, I was assigned to an open role that was far from what I expected. Rather than the marketing job for which I had hoped, I was asked to work on company newsletters and yellow page ads (remember those?). My nine-year tenure launched a love for communications I never realized existed. I transformed the company’s two magazines and starter intranet to a holistic communications strategy. My next move involved taking a foundation of content and expanding it to a robust and impactful communications team focused on all areas of People Operations.

In 2020, my colleagues introduced me to the world of consulting, and I never want to look back. Variety has always been the name to my game, and the clients I’ve partnered with have given me just that – both in industry and project. I’m passionate and invested in the success of their businesses, and it’s important to me that I bring value to their organizational growth. Every year brings a new adventure, and I’m excited to see how I’ll expand my business in the future. 

While I work with clients nationally, I call Atlanta, GA home with my husband, Chuck, and two wonderful daughters, Charlotte and Catherine. 



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