The Art of the Thank You Note

A company recruiter is how you make your first impression with a potential employer. Few people gain insight into what companies look for in candidates, and one of the key qualities recruiters focus on is the (sometimes lost) art of a thank you note. It may seem old-fashioned, but when anyone shares a personalized thank you, it resonates and provides a moment for the candidate to shine.

Handwritten is amazing, but even a thoughtful email providing details of the first meeting encourages a recruiter to sing your praises to the Hiring Manager. This small effort has a big impact and shows your interest in joining the company family by adding that personal touch.

So, how do you get started? If you have a hard time figuring out what to say, here are a few tips from some of the best thank you notes.

Thank You

Include the interviewer’s name and write the actual words “thank you.” You would be surprised how many people miss these two words that show total gratitude and respect. Toward the end of your note, it never hurts to thank your interviewer again for their time and consideration to bring everything full circle.

Detail Your Excitement

Whether it be about the position or the company itself, recruiters like to see what really sparked your interest. This tells them that you were fully engaged and ready to learn more. Sharing your preferred method of contact for another follow up also makes you visible, and they appreciate the invitation to contact you.

You’re A Great Fit Because…

After learning the basics of the company and the position to which you’re applying, recruiters want to know why you would be a great addition and how your unique skills will contribute to the organization. This is a great time to include anything that wasn’t discussed in the interview. It’s okay to mention additional skills or accomplishments that can get you ahead of the game. In a recruiter’s world, there is an initial phone screen with hundreds of people every year. There are many ways in which you can stand out, but gratitude and appreciation for someone’s time can be your best bet. Your thank you note or email helps companies understand that you lead with your values, and that can make a big difference in deciding if you’ll be a great fit to a great team. 


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